About the Open Beta

We're currently running an open beta of The Great Heist. Anyone is free to join this beta to see what The Great Heist is like. The only requirement is that you follow the rules of the beta and that you're able to read and understand the english language. Although the game is being translated during the beta you will have to read and understand a lot of english texts which haven't yet been or won't ever be translated. Like the text on this page.

Rules of the Beta

The first rule of the beta is THINGS CAN CHANGE!

The second rule of the beta is things can change - at any time!

The third rule of the beta is you won’t be compensated for changes in any way.

The fourth rule of the beta says that failure to report serious bugs and/or ways to cheat the system to gain will result in a thundering clap of the banhammer.

If you have a problem with any of these rules, you are respectfully asked to not participate in the beta, and instead wait for the public launch of the game.

Who can play the Beta


All you have to do to join the crime game beta is to go to www.thegreatheist.com and register.

IMPORTANT: if you have an already existing Popmundo account you should sign in with that one instead. When you do, you will be offered the opportunity to create a new character to play the crime game with, as long as you have character slots available on your account. It is also possible to move one of your existing characters from Popmundo to the crime game instead. Before doing this, make sure you read about requirements and limitations to such a move under "Switching Games with old characters", below.

What is Popmundo?

Popmundo is a role-playing game where players strive for popularity in a virtual music industry. Popmundo coexists on the same servers as The Great Heist and players from both games are free to interact with each other.

Popmundo can be found at www.popmundo.com and should you choose to start a career there as well, please log in using your existing account information from The Great Heist.

Accounts, VIP membership, and Credits

The Great Heist and Popmundo are designed to be played using one player account. Your VIP membership and credits will be available to you in either game. We don't recommend that players register separate accounts for the two games. If you do you won't be able to share VIP membership and/or credits you purchase. We will NEVER merge accounts from the two games. Characters, credits, or VIP will never be transferred between accounts.

What happens when the open beta is over?

Nothing. You will get to keep all progress, items, loot, skills, etc which you've earned when playing the beta. But hopefully there will be less bugs to annoy you.

Regarding Character Slots

The character slots on your account are shared by both games. If you’re out of slots in Popmundo you need to purchase another one if you want to start a new character in the crime game.

Switching Games with Old Characters

Existing characters in either game are allowed to switch games. This means that it's possible for existing Popmundo characters to be moved over to the crime game and vice versa. Switching games with a characters cost credits and there are certain restrictions to keep in mind when doing so. Please refer to the Credit Product pages on your character for more information.

What about Space Monkeys with Lasers?

We know this is high up on the wish list from our players in the beta. We do appreciate all suggestions, but it's too early to say if this will make it into the final version of the crime game.