The Basics of the Crime Game

Welcome to The Great Heist! If you're reading this page you've successfully logged on with a character belonging to our new core crime game and you're wondering how to actually play the game. Here is a list of basic information that you need to know about this game, please take a moment to read it. It will make things much easier for you!

  • The main objective of this game is to make it to the top of the charts as the most successful criminal crew. The ranking of your crew is mainly determined by the amount and criminal value of the stolen loot stashed in your safe house.
  • A crew is made up of 1-3 playing characters. If you don't have a crew you can either create one yourself or join someone else's. Each crew member is given a specific role to play within the crew. Mastermind, Cat Burglar, Safe Cracker etc.
  • To collect loot you rob banks, hotels, museums, stores etc. These robberies are referred to as heists. A heist is begun by first performing reconnaissance on the locale you want to rob, and then starting the heist from your crew page.
  • You transport the loot from heists to your safe house using duffel bags. A duffel bag is a personal item which can't be traded, although it may get stolen by other criminals if you have activated PVP Crime. The character who launches a heist collects the loot from it and is responsible for transporting the loot to the safe house.
  • Beginners are best off robbing simple targets such as hotels.
  • If you're short on cash and don't want to get a job you pull off simple heists on regular stores for small sums of cash. Or get a job.
  • You get a safe house by successfully pulling off a heist on city hall and stealing a property deed to an abandoned warehouse in the slum. This is called Grand Larceny.
  • If a crew member gets arrested and thrown in jail, the outside crew can pull of a heist on the prison to break out their fellow crew member. Or the imprisoned crew members can start a heist on their own to try and break out of jail. Prison Breaks and Prison Rescues are two different types of heists.
  • While in prison you are offered the opportunity to learn new criminal skills from other inmates... and work on the chain gang...
  • Special skills can also be acquired on the Underground Market using memory implants.
  • To pull off a successful heist you need to have a good crew with a carefully chosen combination of skilled specialists, equipment, and playing cards.
  • Playing Cards are cards collected by the characters playing the crime game and can be played during heists to influence the outcome of the heists. Cards are spent when they are played and new ones have to be earned by playing the game well. Each character has a hand limit determining how many cards they can own at a time, and each character decides individually which cards he or she want to make available for their crew to use during heists.
  • The kingpins of the criminal underworld offers all crews the chance to pull off a special Heist of the Week. This heist is more difficult than normal heists but it also contains better loot and rewards for the characters who successfully complete it. A new weekly heist is presented each Monday and everyone has exactly one week to try to pull it off.
  • The Blind Man travels around the world selling his special goods at the Underground Market. Where is he located this week and what is he selling now? He accepts marbles as currency. Marbles are awarded for pulling off certain types of heists.
  • Once per week every character is allowed to visit the Underground Market to draw new cards to add to their hand. New cards are handed out on Thursdays and everyone has a week to collect theirs. If you don't collect your cards one week they will be lost.
  • If you lose your duffel bag you can go to the Underground Market to get a new one. The kingpins of the underworld keep track of how many bags you've claimed and you should do your best not to lose them.
  • All former types of crime which existed in ye olde music game Popmundo is referred to as PVP crime. PVP crime is not required to play the core crime game and for most players it's probably not even recommended. PVP crime is still a VIP only feature and if you're curious about this change please read that page as well. Thank you!