Crew Roles

A crew is made up of a maximum of three crew members. Each crew member should be assigned a role which he or she is well suited for. Crew roles can be switched at any time before a heist is started but there can never be more than one of each role present in a crew. Here are crew roles available in the game.


This is the person responsible for coordinating team efforts and keeping track of time. Having a mastermind present for a heist speeds up certain aspects of it. If you don't have a mastermind present for the heist you won't be able to see how long you have until the guard patrol or the police arrives.


This is the person specializing in smacking people over the head, tying people up, knocking down doors, etc. In other words, most things which require the violent use of strength. The brute likes using items such as ropes and baseball bats to subdue people whenever possible.

Safe Cracker

This is the specialist responsible for drilling through vault doors, cracking open a safe, etc. A stethoscope can be a valuable tool for safe crackers.


You need a good driver for a quick getaway. Especially if you can't guarantee a flawless heist. A police radio scanner can be good to have for a driver.

Cat Burglar

This is the person specializing in breaking and entering, sneaking past motion detectors undetected, etc. Tabi Boots, crowbars, and lock picks are their preferred tools.

Smooth Operator

The smooth operator specializes in talking their way past human obstacles. Smooth operators think on their feet and do not usually require special items.


The hacker is the crew member most suitable for breaching all things electronical. The Rugged Laptop and Surveillance system console are valuable tools for a hacker.