Københavns Rådhus

City Hall is from where the local politicians rule their cities. Although the mayor is rarely present here, it's still a good place to visit to air your political views and receive help with everything regarding your citizenship. You become a citizen of this world by purchasing a citizenship for credits. Once you've done that all matters regarding your citizenship is handled here at city hall.

Basic Info

Locale Type: City Hall
City: Copenhagen
City Zone: Indre by (Center of Town)
Management: Københavns Kommune
Quality: 50
Condition: wonderful
Cash: 15,474,370.50 M$

Note from the Management

Københavns Rådhusl

This is where all the big important decisions are made! Feel free to contact one of our city officials with any questions or concerns:

Mayor - Dave Harding
Treasurer - Dave Harding

You can find the government threads here
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