Family Lee NYC Palace

This palace is known and loved by someone as Home Sweet Home. If the owner has left the door open anyone can enter. Otherwise only the owner or people with an access code can enter.

Basic Info

Locale Type: 28 room Palace
City: New York
City Zone: SoHo (Residential)
Management: None
Locale Owner: E. Lee
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Storage Space Used: 89
Cash: 0.00 M$
Doors: Locked

Note from Eminem

Welcome To The Lee Family New York Palace!

We keep at least one or more estate in every city around the world all TOP Equipt with all items!

We cherish all our homes & spend alot of times in all of them. And this is of course also a home for all our kids, family members & friends who is here to relax, play in the pool & have much fun! :)

We love Having fun, have parties, friends over and host events. If you want to use OUR HOME for any event or just to stay please ask one of US contact Eminem or My Sexy Ass Wife Sabrina in English.

We want Privacy when we are at our homes, its private property and should be treated like such. All attempts to break our privacy will be taken care off by our Security department.

THIS IS OUR HOMES, So do Behave!!: