(+) ISSSTE - Hospital

The hospital is where you go whenever your health or mood is failing. Whenever your health or mood become too low you'll be automatically hospitalized by the system. Once hospitalized you will remain here until you're well enough to be released without danger. Should you have pressing matters elsewhere while hospitalized it's possible to release yourself from the hospital but if you don't get well on your own you'll probably be hospitalized again shortly thereafter. The hospital is also a good place to visit if you have questions regarding eventual diseases, pregnancies, and paternity tests.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Hospital
City: Mexico City
City Zone: El Zócalo (Center of Town)
Management: CDMX
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 307,254.70 M$
Current storage size: 4010 of 15000 MU

Note from the Management

¡El Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE) es una institución gubernamental dedicada a brindar el servicio de salud a todos los trabajadores!

¿Estás interesado en el puesto de Médico?

Mientras más estrellas tengas en la habilidad de Medicina, más dinero ganarás. Por favor al tomar el puesto, hazlo saber al equipo de gobierno!

The ISSSTE is a government institution dedicated to provide health services to all workers in the city!

Interested in becoming a Doctor?

As you get more stars in Medicine skill, more you will get payed and please, when getting the job, let us know!

¿Eres novato y necesitas una mano? No dudes en consultar nuestro Proyecto de Ayuda: 2221141.1