K. King

K. is 29 years old. She is the Lead Singer of Season of the Witch. K. is also known as "Satine". K. is located in Manila at : Cupcake Haven :MAN:.

K. likes to rest during off hours and is trying to talk to media in order to get ahead professionally.

remember what the doormouse said | 1802

Attitude Fabulous
State Normal
Mood 100
Health 70
Star Quality 100
Cash 2,006,424.00 M$
VIP Member
Game: Popmundo
Points: 4710
Days Active: 5683 days
Authorities: Executive Editor The Insider

All characters in The Great Heist are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Prominent Clothes & Tattoos

  • Left arm
  • Left hand
  • Left wrist

Note: Tattoos might be covered by clothing.