R. Stark

R. is 34 years old. She is the Lead Singer of Coven of the Nightqueen. R. is also known as "Winter Queen Rhiannon". R. is located in London at Highgate Cemetery.

R. likes to rest during off hours and is trying to compose music in order to get ahead professionally.

🌛☀️️Winter Sun & Moon ❄️
Proud Mayoress of Jo'burg! ^^
Thx everyone for the birthday calls!

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Story: Feathers of Vanadís (pt 3)

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"Oh my gosh you're so adorable!" she said in a girly voice that shook Rhiannon out of her stupour. Was she expecting something less mundane? An ethereal fae voice maybe? She didn't dwell on that, for the girl went on: "It'll be a shame to bring you to me... You and the others..."

"What-" that was all Athena had time to say, for the girl touched Freyr - and when she did, another cyclone was summoned, but one of light and one that stretched itself high into the skies, one so powerful that it knocked both Athena and Rhiannon back - but taking Freyr inside it.
"My baby!" Athena screamed, but Rhiannon held her back. "Wait, Athena, that's... That's the Convergence spell! The one Leona cast on you, on all of you!"

Athena's fear did not decrease, but at least she stopped fighting against her mother's grip - and moments later, the light cyclone vanished too. The girl stood there still, just like before, but Freyr had given place to a boy seemingly as old as her. The two children then ran towards the women, hand in hand, and happily jumped on their arms - the girl on Athena, the boy on Rhiannon. And before they could say their names, they both knew - and the fear in Athena's face gave place to joy as she said: "F-Freya...?!"

The girl smiled. "They treated me well up there, the Lord and the Lady, and their halls were gorgeous... But I always spoke with Freyr, and he told me he was so happy down here, but that you were so sad I was gone, mom, and I just had to come. I also brought Freyr to me,to my time, so now we're the same... But I guess I overdid it? All my cousins should be brought to me too-"

And she spoke no more, for Athena squeezed her little body in a tight hug - a hug to make up for all the missed hugs. Rhiannon let Freyr go hug his mother and twin sister, but then she hugged them too: her family was finally complete.

Up in the night sky, a swan flew.

Posted 3/13/2019, 11:00 PM

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