B. Mackenzie

B. is 139 years old. He is the Banjo Player of Backstreet Devs. B. is also known as "Snoop". The whereabouts of B. are unknown.

B. likes to keep stealthy during off hours and is trying to calm down the public in order to get ahead professionally.

Oh (cow)boy!

This page contains all the information you need to know about Oh (cow)boy!. This page will also present you with the options to bid on the song if it's for sale on the song market or add it to your artist repertoire if it's possible.

Song Details

Oh (cow)boy! is Floorfiller music in tempo Lento. The music is mind melting and the lyrics are earth shaking. The song was written 6/28/2007 by B. Mackenzie. The originality is terrific.

Fame: 70
Stage Potential: 30
Genre: Country & Western
Owner: None
First Revealed: 6/28/2007 * Songs this old don't have an accurate release date and are considered to be revealed the same day they were composed.

Dominant Instruments

Lead Vocals
Backup Vocals
Acoustic Guitar

Special Lyrics

Busy days filled with endless hurdling
Always ends with hours of cuddling
It’s a hard day’s work being a redneck cowboy
But the rewards at night is a wonderful joy

The foreplay starts before leaving the paddocks
Go right ahead gal, and caress those cowboy buttocks
I assure you the lasso will soon come in handy,
as you tie me down and pretend I’m candy.

We work each other all through the night
Sometimes I’m a cowboy, sometimes I’m a knight
The morning after you leave with an inerasable smile
with shaking legs, barely able to walk for a while

A few weeks later when you from exhaustion regain
you hope to master the redneck encore once again
Every visit exceeds everything you’ve ever experienced
To redneck worshiping you’re forever sentenced!


Record Releases

This song hasn't been released on any records. This means that only the original composer, or a band which has bought the rights to it, can add it to an artist's repertoire.