B. Mackenzie

B. is 144 years old. He is the Banjo Player of Backstreet Devs. B. is also known as "Snoop". The whereabouts of B. are unknown.

B. likes to keep stealthy during off hours and is trying to calm down the public in order to get ahead professionally.

A void in my heart

This page contains all the information you need to know about A void in my heart. This page will also present you with the options to bid on the song if it's for sale on the song market or add it to your artist repertoire if it's possible.

Song Details

A void in my heart is Floorfiller music in tempo Allegro. The music is great and the lyrics are terrific. The song was written 4/6/2006 by B. Mackenzie. The originality is perfect.

Fame: 80
Stage Potential: 20
Genre: Country & Western
Owner: None
First Revealed: 4/6/2006 * Songs this old don't have an accurate release date and are considered to be revealed the same day they were composed.

Dominant Instruments

Lead Vocals

Special Lyrics

The sun is setting at the horizon and the horses are back at the stable.
A long day is at end and I’m feeling spent.
Cooking some food by the open fire, barely able to stay awake.
But what’s that? Something moving outside at the patio?
Is it an unexpected visitor, or is it ol’ grandpa that’s here to haunt me?
Perhaps it’s just my vivid imagination. Perhaps the booze make me hear things that aint there. Or perhaps... perhaps it’s because I feel so hollow and empty and my mind plays tricks on me.

I don’t know what I’m looking for and I’m almost out of ideas.
There’s something out there to be found, but I have failed to understand what it is.
What ever it is, it evades me when I’m about to discover it. It moves back to my subconsciousness as soon as I’m about to comprehend it.
Days become months and I’m struggling.
Months may turn into years while I keep searching.
I hope I find it before it’s too late.
I pray that I discover what must be my fate.

I keep searching. I keep searching…. But for what?

Record Releases

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